Hi, I'm Connie, my designer name is Cj Nech. I'm a self-taught designer. I create designs from idea to final print. My favourite tools are my pencil, sketchbook & Illustrator. During my journey I designed several children books, wall stickers and graphics for variety of  companies. My focus for 2021 is to create designs for my own brand Sjaapie & Cj Nech Printables.

Meet Sjaapie, the little hero sheep!
Meet the 4 awesome sushi's characters: Kon, Ni, Chi, Wa
Character Design for Happy Eat
Children's book
Illustrations for the webshop: Stickergalerij
Character design for the organisatin He&She
Card Illustrations for JustLuv
Character Design for restaurant Jin Lai
Car Illustration for Loempia On Tour
Illustration for a birthday card
Logo Designs
Corperate Designs
Promotion Designs
Instore Designs
Wedding Designs
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